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Title : Bhasa's Madhyama-Vyayoga
Author : Sudha Bhattacharjee
Pages : 63
Price : ₹60
ISBN : 81-7276-147-3

About the book:

To praise Bhasa to the world of Sanskrit letters is to carry coals to Newcastle, as the old saying goes. It is widely recognised that he belonged to Pre-Kalidasa era and was known as a dramatist with a poetical faculty used to subserve the impact of his dramas. The faculty is noteworthy but unobtrusive, simple but profound and engaging in manner as well as content
The Madhyama in the name of the play is Bhimasena taken as the middle one in the numerical order of the Pandavas, while the Vyayoga is the type of rupaka form of stage play. The names of the central characters of the play are drawn from the Mahabharata but the episode is a product of the playwright's imagination.
The present book contains the English translation as well as the original text of the Sanskrit play. Here is a small book but worthy present of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan to the devotees of Sanskrit literature and the admires of Bhasa who for long remained as a shadowy name until in the relatively recent past, a good number of his plays could be fortunately brought to light.

About The Author: Sudha Bhattacharjee :
Sudha Bhattacharjee hailed from a family of Sanskrit Scholars. She has done her Masters in Sanskrit Literature and has been serving the Department of Sanskrit in Womens College in Assam.