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Title : Sri Bhagavataratnavali
Author : T. B. Dharmaraja Iyer
Pages : 71
Price : ₹15

About the book:

Here are 108 verses selected from Shrimad Bhagvatam. Everyone can make a few selection for himself or herself according to aptitude, from the treasure house of the readymade wisdom to be derived from the classic. Since this may require a degree of acquaintance with the sanskrit language which everyone may not possess, it is useful to have a selection like this one.
It is worthwhile to recall the words of Swami Ranganathananda in his foreword to the work: "From the ever-increasing thirst of our people to read such books, which is evident today, we can visualise the possiblity of the realisation, in the modern age, of the old prediction of the Bhagavata Mahatmyam.
'Then will set in, in every home and in every heart, the sport of that bhakti which, endowed with jnana and vairagya, is the carrier of the nectar of divine Love.

About The Author: T. B. Dharmaraja Iyer :
While Shri Dharmaraja Iyer makes no claims to scholarship, he has, out of devotion, composed a few poems in Sanskrit including Sri Krishnahridayam which was published.