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Title : An Inquiry into the Concept of Peace
Author : Licy Bharucha
Pages : 334
Price : Rs 275
ISBN : 81-7276-211-9

About the book:

The book makes an attempt to study the concept of peace with an inter-disciplinary background so as to bring out its various aspects and multidimensional character.
The book contains a comprehensive treatment of the subject both at the individual level and the social. Again, "One may agree with the author that traditional religions normally considered to be primarily concerned about the peace of the individual have very many practical lessons or directions for fostering peace at social level, leading to world peace. She rightly points out that the social significance of these ancient teachings has hardly been highlighted adequately, although one can see a common line of thought in all these religions pointing to the inegral relationship between the peace of the individual and that of society."

About The Author : Licy Bharucha :
Licy Bharucha has been a Sarvodaya worker and has been actively associated with several voluntary organisations ever since she was a young undergraduate.