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Title : Krishnavatara-III The Five Brothers
Author : K. M. Munshi
Pages : 632
Price : Rs 540

About the book:

As the title of the book suggests, the story revolves around Hastinapur, the Pandavas, Kauravas and Krishna. The banishment of the Pandavas by the Kauravas and their 'deaths', their travails in the forest, Draupadi's swaymavara and the wining of Draupadi's hand by Arjuna are included in this book.
The book begins with Dronacharya's resolve to take revenge on King Drupad . As childhood friends Drupad had promised Drona that they would share each other's fortune. When they grew up and Drupad became King, Drona went to redeem the pledge and was insulted by Drupad. The book goes on to tell how Drona groomed the Kuru princes, how he expected them to take revenge, how Krishna managed to stage Draupadi's marriage and how he brought the Pandavas back to like. The book ends with Draupadi's swayamvara.

About The Author : K. M. Munshi :
Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi, Kulapati and the main person behind the Bhavan's books was a very versatile person. He was an eminent lawyer, one of the framer's of the Indian Constitution, and a seasoned statesman. K M Munshi was influenced by Sri Aurobindo and was an ardent freedom fighter, working with Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Tilak, Annie Besant, Jinnah and others. He was the Home Minister of Bombay, India's Food Minister, Governor of Uttar Pradesh, India's Agent General at Hyderabad. Acknowledged as the foremost writer in Gujarati in his times, his contribution to literature is vast. He wrote novels, dramas, memoirs, history and historical novels in Gujarati and English.

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