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Title : Temples and legends of Maharashtra
Author : M S Mate
Pages : 235
Price : Rs 75

About the book:

This book gives the picture of the religious centers of Maharashtra and the culture of the bhakti movement. It gives details of the temples and saints and several of the songs penned by them.
The book contains pictures of the various temples and deities as well. Beginning with Morgaon Moreshwar, the book takes the reader on a trip to Kolhapur, Tuljapur, Gangapur, Khandoba, Pandharpur, Tryambakeshwar, Pedhe and other important religious places.

About The Author : M S Mate :
Madhukar Shripad Mate is a lecturer holding a Ph.D degree and has done extensive research on Architecture of Maratha period. He is an active participant in various explorations and excavations.