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Title : Temples and Legends of Andhra Pradesh
Author : N Ramesan
Pages : 179
Price : Rs 60

About the book:

The book gives the rich culture of Andhra Pradesh and of her heritage. Various temples like the ones at Tirupati, Srisailam, Lepakshi, Bhadrachalam and others are given in detail. The architecture, the structure, the idol and the legends associated with them are described in detail.
The book begins with a discussion on temples in general, their importance and their significance. Basic rules on the construction of temples, peoples behaviour in temples and the rituals connected with them are given. Then each area, temple and the deity are discussed.

About The Author : N Ramesan :
Shri Ramesan has specialized in Epigraphy and temple architecture. He was the Joint Secretary to the Government of Andhra Pradesh and also the Director of Archaeology. He is the author of The Biography of Sri Sankaracharya, Glimpses of Buddhism, and A Political History of Andhra Pradesh.