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Title : Mahatma Gandhi-Letters to Americans
Author : Dr. E. S. Reddy
Pages : 366
Price : Rs 300
ISBN : 81-7276-120-1

About the book:

This edition consists of all available letters and telegrams sent by Gandhiji to Americans and summaries of letters he replied, together with biographical information on the correspondents.
Gandhiji never visited America but he had a lot of admirers and friends there. Many of them visited Gandhiji's ashrams in India and he received several thousand letters from them. He replied to each and every one himself and this is a collection of those available. He has written on various topics, even when he was imprisoned.

About The Author : Dr. E. S. Reddy :
Dr E S Reddy is former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations. He has also written ‘Gandhiji’s Vision of a Free South Africa’ and has been the co editor of Gandhi and South Africa, The Mahatma and the Poetess.
About The Author : Dr. E. S. Reddy :
Mrinalini Sarabhai is an internationally recognised dancer and also a director and author of several scholarly books. E S Reddy is former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and author .

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