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Title : Know thyself
Author : G K Pradhan
Pages : 319
Price : Rs 240
ISBN : 81-7276-392-1

About the book:

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This is the second book of the author published posthumously. It is about sadhaklas and a swami and it grows as a discussion between them. It is a dialogue and discusses on various topics-social, philosophical and religious, psychological, culture etc.
Each of the persons mentioned are from the upper middle class and first meet when they travel together by train. They all want to know more about God, Soul, freedom, bondage, jnana, karma, peace, conflict, time, space, etc. As the title suggests each person has to find out for himself who he is.

About The Author : G K Pradhan :
Shri Pradhan was a Vanijya Visharad from Gujarat Vidyapeeth and was the editor of an English magazine. His earlier book was 'Towards the silver crest of the Himalayas'.

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