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Title : Sri Krishna The Lord of Guruvayur: Divine Experiences
Author : K. R. Vaidyanathan
Pages : 288
Price : Rs 250
ISBN : 81-7276-273-9

About the book:

Over a hundred true stories are included in the book. These miracle stories have been published every month in Sri Guruvayurappan magazine
Shri Anjam who was the editor of the magazine compiled the real stories in a book form but these were catering only to Malayalam readers. He felt that an English translation of these stories would cater to a wide public hence this book has been written.

About The Author : K. R. Vaidyanathan :
K R Vaidyanathan was an accomplished writer who had specialized in writing about temples, legends and worship of God. His other books include 'Pilgrimage to Sabari' and Temples and legends of Kerala' He retired from the Indian Railways after forty years and has authored a book on railway humour.

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