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Title : Mahabharata is believable
Author : Subhash Majumdar
Pages : 134
Price : Rs 120
ISBN : 81-72-76-118-X

About the book:

Some of the major incidents mentioned in the Mahabharata have been analysed in this book and given a different interpretation. He says that some of them really did happen and they are not myths. And gives plausible explanations for the same.
The author strongly believes that the various events described in the epic are not just a story but sociological history of our ancestors. It shows the moral and ethical values of people who lived at that time and describes how people behaved under stress. He gives believable interpretation of the Kurukshetra war, strength of Bhima, Arjuna's valour and other such important aspects of Mahabharata. He suggests that Vyasa exaggerated things like Gandhari having a confinement for two years and having 101 children, Satyavati's body having a fragrance which could be smelt a long distance away and other such things so that they remained in the minds of the readers and listeners and they never forgot it.

About The Author : Subhash Majumdar :
Author of 'Who is who in the Mahabharata' Subhash Majumdar is a retired official of the United Nations and the World Bank and hence a widely traveled person.