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Title : The African Mind A Literary Perspective
Author : V Sivaramakrishnan
Pages : 142
Price : Rs 35

About the book:

The book is dedicated to Nelson Mandela and was published on the eve of his visit to India. It consists of several articles written by the author and published in the Bhavan's Journal during 1981-83.
The book contains chapters on African writers James Ngugi, Chinua Achebe, Camara Laye, William Conton, Gabriel Okara and others. A chapter each is devoted to the famous writer of the book 'Roots'- Alex Haley's Africa and Indian writer Naipaul's Africa. It begins with a poem written by Rabindranath Tagore on Africa and ends with songs and chants in the Crypt.

About The Author : V Sivaramakrishnan :
The author, an economist, was the Associate Editor of Bhavan's Journal. He was in Tanzania from 1979-82.

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