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Title : Vaalmeeki Raamaayana- Vol IIAyodhya Kaanda Part I
Author : L.Swaminathan
Pages : 314
Price : Rs 275

About the book:

In this series the author provides in crisp language the content of each stanza of Valmiki Ramayana, thereby enabling one without or with inadequate knowledge of Sanskrit to study the original text.
The Epic poem Ramayana is an immortal portrait of our Bharatiya culture and values. It enunciates and defines our Sanatana Dharma or concept of righteousness in all aspects of our life. It is venerated as the Adi Kaavya or the first ornate poetry. Its author, Sage Valmiki is the Adi Kavi or the first poet. The epic is India's unique contribution to the world culture. Valmiki Ramayana has many unrivalled qualities that have made it an epic for all times. As literature, it has no equal. It is a living epic of human idealism.
This Volume and the next deals with the circumstances leading to Rama's exile and how Bharatha pleads with Rama to return back. But Rama is not swerved and Bharatha returns with Rama's sandals and rules the kingdom gloriously for 14 years.

About The Author : L.Swaminathan :
He is the son of the eminent economist Dr.P.S.Lokanathan. He underwent technical training in USA, UK and Holland. From then on he served various industries like sugar, starch, chemicals, plastics.

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