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Title : Sandhyavandanam
Author : P Seshadri
Pages : 47
Price : ₹90
ISBN : 978-81-7276-471-5

About the book:

The book gives all the religious mantras and shlokas used by Hindus during the day. The morning, afternoon and evening prayers, their meaning and how to sit, and behave during the saying of mantras has been given in this book.
It tells the reader how achamanam (sipping of water saying suitable mantras) is done and why. It explains which direction the person should sit or stand during prayers. God's names, meanings and explanations have also been given in detail.Pranayam, arghyam, Gayatri avahanam,.Surya upasthanam, samarpanam, the rituals are explained.

About The Author: P Seshadri :
P Seshadri Iyer , a great linguist and scholar was born in Kerala. He learnt Bengali to read Swami Vivekanandas writings, Marathi to read Jnaneshwari, Greek, German and several other languages. He translated Mahabharat into Bengali and Malayalam.