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Title : What is Advaita?
Author : P Sankaranarayan
Pages : 188
Price : Rs 80

About the book:

The book points out that Advaita is a tattwa and not a mata, a truth and not a creed or a dogma. Science and advait do not contradict each other and the discoveries of science have shown more and more validity of the doctrines of advaita.
Advaita is the truth about the nature of Supreme Reality, of Man and of the Universe. It is a final experience or realization. A-davaita means denial of duality. Advaita speaks of three kinds of orders of reality. The
first refers to the reality of a reflection in a mirror or any other reflecting medium. The reflection is there and can be seen. But any one who is not a mere child knows that in a reflection there is no 'there' and that
the reflection does not have the same reality as the object reflected.
Another order of reality pertains to the objects of the universe and to all men and other creatures inhabiting it.

About The Author : P Sankaranarayan :
He was a lecturer and Professor in various colleges. He became Head of Department of Philosophy, Vivekananda college, Madras and a Professor in Bombays Bhavans College. He translated several discourses of Sri Chandrashekharandra Saraswati into English.

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