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Title : Mahayogi Gagangiri
Author : Ashish
Pages : 94
Price : Rs 150

About the book:

P.P.Gagangiri Maharaj explains the details of Yoga to Ashish, who noted the Maharaj's words in detail. The sayings and words of Maharaj have a very deep meaning.
While Maharaj was meditating at Gagangad, Ambolgad, Dajiipur, Vesraf, Himalayas, he has shared his experiences with his disciple. Most of his narrations are during his meditation period. People who are interested in religion, saints, knowledge, will find this book interesting. Gagangiri Maharaj pours out knowledge as though he is the Ganges of knowledge, which continuously flows and spreads fresh and new knowledge.

About The Author : Ashish :
Ashish Pyaremohan Wazir hails from a Kashmiri Brahmin family and is a young disciple of Gagangiri Maharaj. This is his first book.