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Title : Principles and Practice of Hindu Religion- Sanatan Dharma Sastra
Author : Bala N Aiyer
Pages : 198
Price : Rs 600
ISBN : 81-7276-142-2

About the book:

The book is a study of the Ancient Hindu traditions and philosophy and is an effort to keep Hindus living all over the world abreast of the culture and tradition. This book has been written after deep study of hundreds of books on hindu religion and culture and is put forward comprehensively and in brief all about dharma, and religion. Beautifully illustrated with glossy pictures of the Gods of the Hindu pantheon, the book is like a dictionary of Hindu religion.
The book, divided in eight parts deals extensively on the subject of Hinduism, its historical evolution, the scriptures and sacred works, principles and philosophy, and rituals prayers, practice and other related matter. Hinduism is a way of life and lays down the high principles of good living, and this book answers many questions and solves many problems faced by today's youth living all over the world. The book is a set of 108 lessons.

About The Author : Bala N Aiyer :
Dr Balasubramaniam Narayan Aiyer served as an army medical officer in the Indian army, served as Asst Professor of Medicine at Kilpauk Medical college and is in private practice at Houston, Texas, USA.