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Title : Lord Ayyappan The Dharma Sasta
Author : Pyyappan
Pages : 64
Price : Rs 50

About the book:

Lord Ayyappa is a very dear deity especially in Kerala. People flock to the Sabarimala Hills after observing certain rules and regulations. The really dedicated ones live an austere life for about forty days after taking the 'mala'(garland round the neck) and then in simple clothing and with a package of offerings to the Lord and food, they climb the hill reverentially for the darshan. Makar Sankranti (January 14) is a very holy and important day when the Sabarimala Hills gets swarmed with devotees. The trek is through jungles and uneven grounds and is a test of stamina. The book tells the story of Lord Ayyappan who was born in Kerala and the pilgrimage to Sabarimala.
Ayyappan is the God born from Har (Shiva) and Hari (Vishnu as Mohini). In human form he took birth in Kerala as the son of Raja Rajashekhara of Pantalam. He lived there as Manikantha for twelve years during which time several miracles were performed. Meanwhile another child was born to the King. The queen did not want Manikantha to become the Yuvaraj and hence she declared that only leopard's milk could cure her of her headache, Manikantha went to the deep forests, killed Mahishi, a demon buffalo and returned sitting on a tiger. After this the King who learnt of his real identity built a temple for him on Sabarimala hills.