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Title : Stories of Vikramaditya Vetala Panchavimasati
Author : Several Contributors
Pages : 152
Price : Rs 235
ISBN : 978-81-7276-418-0

About the book:

These stories of King Vikramaditya appeared in the Bhavan's Journal under the caption of Vetala Panchavimsati. In response to a public demand the stories have been compiled in a book form. They are the stories as told by a ghoul residing in a dead body which is supposed to be brought by King Vikram to an ascetic. If he speaks the body goes back to its original position and Vikram has to go back to bring it. These stories of Vikram and Betaal have been very popular since they contain an element of suspense and interest.
The ghoul tells King Vikram a complicated tale for which he has to find a solution. If he knows the answer and keeps quiet he will go to hell. If he speaks the body goes back to its original position of hanging upside down on a tree. Each story is told in an interesting manner and have been translated into several languages and even depicted on Television. Twenty five King Vikram-Betaal stories are included in this book.

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