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Title : Meditate
Author : P C Jhalani
Pages : 123
Price : Rs 130
ISBN : 81-7276-103-1

About the book:

Dispassionate self observation is meditation. Vipassana is a technique of meditation which is taught at Igatpuri in Maharashtra. The book begins by giving the definition of meditation, its effects and the tools necessary for meditation. Proper meditation improves one's personality, removes stress and improves relationship with other people.
The book is a very good guide for meditation. The reader can meditate at home after reading the book as it describes all the effects, the techniques, the uses and the rewards of meditation. It discusses all about karma and dharma, niraakar and saakar aspects of life.

To all who choose to read this book

This book is a suggestion.

To Meditate is to dispassionately observe one's own Self.

Change is the basic ingredient of this Universe.

Everything in this world where we live is constantly changing and will continue to do so - only at a faster pace with progress.

Our lives consist of several forms of existence from birth to death. Besides the physical form of our existence, the emotional and intellectual forms in which we live from time to time are innumerable.

The changing circumstance make each one form of our existence irrelevant from time to time which then needs to be changed / adjusted. Refusal to change (which arises mainly because of self-love of the form of our
current existence) an irrelevant form only leads to sufferings.

In order to keep our lives relevant during its currency, it is necessary to change/amend such forms of our existence that have become or are becoming irrelevant.

And-in order to change our own selves it is necessary first to know the truths about ourselves without any soft corners or attachments.

But, due to blocks erected by self-love, we unconsciously tend to refuse / ignore to look dispassionately at ourselves. though continuing to suffer.
Hence this suggestion to Meditate.


About The Author : P C Jhalani :
Prakash Chandra Jhalani belongs to a family of business people and industrialists. He has traveled extensively and considers himself fortunate to have been directed and guided by some Divine Power to learn the Vipassana technique of Meditation.