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Title : The Mind:Turbulent and Tranquil
Author : A Venkoba Rao
Pages : 153
Price : Rs 180
ISBN : 81-7276-129-5

About the book:

As the title suggests, the book is all about the human mind and the various uses and problems that he puts it to. The author categorically states that it is the mind that controls everything, including sleep, the death of the body. He cites examples from real life and also from mythology. He writes about Savitri who brought her husband Satyavan back from the jaws of death through sheer mind and will power. For mental problems drugs are not the answer but a strong will and mind power.
One sees today that there are people with psychological problems. In this book the author has written about various problems and their possible solutions. Euthanasia, schizophrenia, anxiety, tendency to commit suicide and other topics have been dwelt upon.

About The Author : A Venkoba Rao :
Dr. A. Venkoba Rao, is distinguished for his research contributions to psychiatry, as an effective teacher and an able clinician. Dr. Rao has a string of degrees behind his name and number of awards in psychiatry.

By the Same Author :
  • Culture, Philosophy, Mental health