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Title : Dialogue Hymns of Rgveda
Author : Dr. Satya Dev Choudhary
Pages : 217
Price : Rs 250
ISBN : 81-7276-263-1

About the book:

The book deals with eleven dialogue-hymns of the Rgveda. The original text in Vedic Sanskrit has been translated in as easy an expression as possible. A worth reading book for those having taste for a peep into and respect for the distant past.
Of the eleven dialogue-hymns of the Rgveda, two of them are composed in soliloquy form and are concerned with a gambler and a mendicant respectively. Three hymns are connected mainly with Indra (the god of rains), two with the couples like Agastya and Lopamudra, and Pururavas and Urvashi, and one with the twin siblings: Yama and Yami. Out of the rest, one hymn displays a delightful and heavenly picture of the marriage ceremony which is traditionally prevalent in India even today, another tells us about the prosperous condition of the ancient traders like Panis, and yet another deals with the crossing through the currents of two rivers by Visvamitra, a Vedic seer.

About The Author : Dr. Satya Dev Choudhary :
Dr. Satya Dev Choudhary is a Prof. of Hindi & Sanskrit. His special interest include Indian Poetics, Philology, Vedic Literature and Medieval Hindi Literature. He has about 25 books to his credit and for them he has been felicitated with a number of prizes and awards.

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