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Title : Sadaa Shanti (Perpetual Peace)
Author : V Balu
Pages : 77
Price : Rs 50
ISBN : 81-7276-144-9

About the book:

The book is a culmination of V Balu's work as a global peace activist and lays emphasis on inner peace and the role of individuals in global peace, the need of the day. The book begins with a peace prayer and then talks of faith, renunciation, inner peace, mental and global peace and global peace through art.
Don't worry, be happy is one of the chapters in this book where he has reminded the readers that worry never solves any problem. Worry is a self created mental condition and is the result of factors like lack of contentment, he says and has given various examples to substantiate his words.

About The Author : V Balu :
V Balu is the author of several books. A multifaceted personality he has been working for global peace

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