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Title : Women Pioneers of Catering education and consumer movement
Author : Leela N Jog
Pages : 132
Price : Rs 70

About the book:

These are a collection of reminiscences written when the author was in her late seventies. Beginning with her childhood days, she goes on to tell about her fight to marry her distant cousin, N C Jog, a well known journalist of his times. The launch of the consumer movement which was very necessary at that time is a feather in her cap and in this book she has written about the beginning of the movement.
While struck down with typhoid, she chose to use her time in bed to write her memoirs. The book written in an interesting manner tells of Leela Jog's childhood, marriage, journalism, consumer movement, Annapoorna Movement and other important things in her life. Though these are memoirs, they read like a story which enthralls the readers.

About The Author : Leela N Jog :
Leela Jog can be said to be the first professional woman journalist. She also launched the Consumer Movement in the mid sixties.