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Title : Towards the silver crests of the Himalayas
Author : G K Pradhan
Pages : 300
Price : Rs 340
ISBN : 978-81-7276-480-7

About the book:

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The book contains the varied experiences of the author. He writes about the problems he faced and the solutions he found. Many problems that confront seekers of truth are answered in this book. The book is autobiographical in nature.
The book begins with the author climbing the Himalayas which are the abode of saints and sages who are seekers of truth. He meets a sanyasi in saffron coloured robes who becomes his guide and leads him to several solutions to his problems. He falls with a thud and realises that this is a dream but which makes him aware that there is a Guide and a Guru waiting to help him. The book is narrative and contains explanations of various problems by the Gurudeo.

About The Author : G K Pradhan :
Shri Pradhan was a Vanijya Visharad from Gujarat Vidyapeeth and was the editor of an English magazine. His earlier book was 'Towards the silver crest of the Himalayas'.

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