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Title : Gandhi and Bombay
Author : K. Gopalaswami
Pages : 566
Price : Rs 50

About the book:

The book is an exhaustive record of the half century association of Gandhi with Bombay and traces Gandhiji's early experiments and his evolution as the Mahatma. Bombay was the start of Gandhiji's political career and this book records faithfully all the incidents, more so since the author himself has seen them all at close quarters.
The book records Gandhiji's early contacts, the dawn of the Gandhian era, his fights with the British, and other incidents. The main focus and the central theme is Gandhiji's life and work in Bombay during the fifty years that he was in contact with the city. The book was written during the Gandhi Centenary year 1969.

About The Author : K. Gopalaswami :
K Gopalaswami is a well known prolific writer, a journalist and after working with The Times of India retired to be closely associated with the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavanís publications