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Title : Education elsewhere and here, A key to prosperity
Author : R N Joshi
Pages : 176
Price : Rs 35

About the book:

The book deals with the different dimensions of education at different stages and gives general guidance for planning of education through whole education. It describes the education system in Britain, Japan, Russia, West Germany and the USA, five developed nations but differing widely in several respects. The book also talks of problems in India and the structure of education
The book discusses how Japan's formula for prosperity, the key to Russia's success are all due to proper planning of educational systems. It talks of the socializing trends, national efforts in Britain, the education policy in Japan, the emphasis which Russia gives on work training, community colleges in the US, the schooling pattern in Germany and the spotlight on Indian educational problems.

About The Author : R N Joshi :
The author is a Chartered Engineer, Educationist and recipient of several awards and prizes.