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Title : The Flute calls still
Author : Dilip Kumar Roy and Indira Devi
Pages : 400
Price : Rs 250

About the book:

The book is a collection of letters from Didi Indira Devi to her brothers Don and Richard about her experiences and evolution in Yoga, from Dada Dilip Kumar Roy and other people telling the story of the temple built in Pune and various miracles and visions
The book-a collection of letters which tell the mystic experiences and happenings - is a tribute to Indira devi on her birthday in 1964. It is a story of bhakti and adoration to Lord Krishna. The book is truly a saga of intense bhaktiyoga.

About The Author : Dilip Kumar Roy and Indira Devi :
Indira Devi was a rich affluent lady who met Dilip Kumar and made him her Guru. They founded the Hari Krishna Mandir Ashram at Pune and wrote about her experiences in yoga. She was highly psychic and receptive. She had seen many visions and these have been described in the book.

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