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Title : Song of Life
Author : Radhey Shiam
Pages : 100
Price : Rs 140
ISBN : 81-7276-312-3

About the book:

The book presents the essence of life in a practical manner. It unravels the mysteries of life, soul religion and answers questions, provides tips .The songs are portrayed with sketches from the common life and generates good spiritual currents within to produce tranquillity of mind.
There are over a hundred songs of various topics and subjects. Ranging from emotions to nature to God, the songs have great indepth feelings which perhaps only those with a poetic bent of mind may be able to understand, appreciate and love. The songs are poetical and charming.

About The Author : Radhey Shiam :
The author contributes regularly to Hindi and Urdu periodicals. He is among the top ten Haikukars of India.