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Title : Pearls and Gems of the Puranas
Author : Rathna Rao
Pages : 45
Price : Rs 60
ISBN : 81-7276-316-6

About the book:

The book is essentially for children and the stories have been told in a play form. Immortal stories of Dhruva, Prahlada and Krishna are dramatised and told in simple language so that the readers can understand them easily. The dialogues make them interesting.
Dhruva's story begins with the ushering away of Dhruva by his stepmother from his father's lap. He is dejected and distressed and his mother Sunithi tells him that God loves everyone and has a place for everyone. Young Dhruv goes in search of God and gets a permanent place for himself in the sky. Krishna-Sudama's story tells of how the poor Brahmin goes to Krishna, his dear friend and how Krishna performs the miracle of giving Sudama everything he wants without his asking him. Prahlada's story is of bhakthi to God and torture by his father.

About The Author : Rathna Rao :
Rathna Rao has written several stories in Kannada that have been published by magazines like Sudha, Mayura and Kasturi. She has also translated books from Hindi into Kannada. Born and brought up in Bangalore, she lived with her husband in New Delhi and now divides her time between her children in USA and India

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