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Title : Bhagvad Gita of Lord Krishna
Author : Dr. J. K. Trikha
Pages : 249
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About the book:

This is a study of the Gita as a documentary, in which the author attempts to trace the development of thought in it by means of a chapter by chapter commentary and translation.
The author holds that as a documentary that is free from the usual preoccupation which saints, scholars and philosophers bring to bear on the interpretation of Gita, the Gita presents some of the most profound ideas about human existence and human behaviour. These ideas are so perfectly logical that one needs no school of philosophy to understand the Gita. The book contains the original Sanskrit text of the Gita, which is followed by a versified translation, in which every Chapter is preceded by an exclusive, scholarly commentary.

About The Author : Dr. J. K. Trikha :
Dr. J.K.Trikha was a professor of English in Amritsar and retired as Head of English Department. In addition to M.A. in English he did M.A. in Sanskrit and was awarded Ph.D. in Sanskrit for research on ‘Turiya’ or Transcendence. His other books are on Rigveda and Ramayana.

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