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Title : To the best of my memory
Author : P B Gajendragadkar
Pages : 500
Price : Rs 350
ISBN : 978-81-7276-481-4

About the book:

This is an autobiography of the Chief Justice of India. He begins by tracing his ancestry some four generations earlier. The family belonged to a highly moral and scholarly one where Marathi and Kannada intertwined. His childhood was happy as he had a lot of brothers and sisters. His early schooling, then college, marriage and then his rise to greatness has been told in a simple and interesting manner. He says he has not kept any letters, correspondence or newspaper cuttings and all that he has written has been written from memory.
Gajendragadkar's life has been linked with the progress of our country. In his eighty years on earth, he has been in various important positions which have been challenging. The author has written his biography in great detail from his memory and not from any written records. A scholastic person, Gajendragadkar has given the readers an insider's view of happenings in the judiciary and the legislature.

About The Author : P B Gajendragadkar :
Gajendragadkar was the Chief Justice of India in 1964. He was appointed the honorary Vice Chancellor of Bombay University for five years. He was the General editor of 'The Ten Classical Upanishads' series and has written on various facets of Law, Education and Science.

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