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Title : Ageless India and the Modern West
Author : Debiprasad Bhattacharya
Pages : 446
Price : ₹475
ISBN : 81-7276-319-0

About the book:

The book is a collection of articles written by the author and published in various newspapers and magazines. The subjects are varied-they range from Vaishnavism to bhakti, from Toynbee to Eliot, from Anandmayee to Marcel Proust. But all are well written and highly readable.
Vivekananda, Shakespeare, Bertrand Russell, Hinduism, National integration and several other topics are included in this book which gives an insight into the Indian way of thinking as well as the western one. From Upanishad to Veda to Bhagwad Gita, there are discussions on so many topics that the author himself had difficulty in selecting the title of the book. The book begins with a chapter on 'Indien ist Anders' ('India is different'), a five hundred page book in German in which India and Indians are looked through foreign eyes.

About The Author: Debiprasad Bhattacharya :
Prof Bhattacharya was a linguist, proficient in several Indian and foreign languages a distinguished teacher and professor and a prolific writer and a good speaker.