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Title : S R Ranganathan - a Personal Biography
Author : Ranganathan Yogeshwar
Pages : 402
Price : Rs 250
ISBN : 81-7276-202-X

About the book:

This is the biography of an Indian who became an international authority on Library Science and Library Movement and was the Father of Library Science. He invented tools to store information. His ideas address the very foundations of the business of effective information storage and retrieval. He spread the concept of public libraries even in remote villages. Ranganathan's personal life is a synthesis between Indian culture and modern science
This is a very interesting biography on the life and times of S R Ranganathan who changed the ideas of library science in India and gave it a new direction. The author is his only son who saw and observed him from close quarters and was inspired by him. He has written the biography in a fascinating and lucid manner, about his own childhood, his father's participation, ideas, thoughts, habits and the like. Actually the book is more than just a biography. It is an insight into various experiences and is an intellectual treat to the readers. It is a window to the mind of a genius who created a new discipline and influenced thousands of people.

About The Author : Ranganathan Yogeshwar :
He was the first Indian to do a course on Machine Tool Design and Engineering. He is an independent Industrial Consultant and lives in Luxembourg.