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Title : Raaga in Krishna Blue
Author : Rita Dalmiya
Pages : 65
Price : Rs 75
ISBN : 7276-060-4

About the book:

The book is a collection of forty highly emotional and deeply intoxicated poems on love for Krishna. The writer is almost a mixture of Gopi Radha and Bhaktha Meera in her dreams for and obsession with Sri Krishna. The poems speak of her yearning for the darshan of Lord Krishna, of her dreams of him appearing to her in person and reciprocating her love. Each poem is an expression of the deep rooted yearning for the God.
The poetess, bhaktha and author of the book imagines Lord Krishna hiding from her, revealing himself through various signs and objects, teasing her and coaxing her. She dreams of the time when he would appear to her in person and she has addressed her poems to him in the hope that he will understand her feelings and love for him. She has even imagined the Lord taking birth in her house as her grandson and coming to her, hugging her and kissing her. At one stage she has spoken to him as the Lord of Seven Hills(Balaji of Tirupati) and the words which have come straight from her heart find a reciprocation in the hearts of the readers. The author has confessed that she had kept the poems to herself and only after a long time did she think of publishing them so that the world comes to know of her feelings. Perhaps such a volume of verses has been written in English for the first time and all others are translations. That's what makes them so unique and interesting.

About The Author : Rita Dalmiya :
Rita Dalmiya has also authored 'Meera Bai,' and 'In Aloneness'. She was actively associated as a Governing Body member of The Calcutta Samaritans, a Counselling Centre for mental and emotionally disturbed people, involved in their cancer unit and was the Chairperson of DUVA, a drug deaddiction counselling unit for slum dwellers.