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Title : Immortal India Volume 2
Author : J. H. Dave
Pages : 212
Price : Rs 45

About the book:

Tirthas can be swayambhuta like Prabhasa or nirmita (constructed by others) like temples. However merely taking a bath in the rivers or lakes at the teertha is not enough. One has to be properly cleansed when he dips himself in the water of self control and wash away his mental impurities with faith. Snana, japa, homa, sraddha and dana at the tirthas are said to liberate seven generations of a man.
In this volume tirtha places like Somnath, Hardwar, Konark, Ambarnath, Chittor are described. The history of various religious places is interesting. Chittor, for example is part of Mewad and was ruled by the successors of Kusa, Lord Sriram's eldest son. It was invaded thrice and the unforgettable story of beautiful Padmini is history. Along with all the wives and daughters of Chittor she burnt herself to ashes. One of the main reasons for attacking Chittor was the beauty of Padmini.

About The Author : J. H. Dave :
Professor Jayantakrishna Harikrishna Dave, Mahamahopadhyay Vidyavachaspati is an accomplished author of several books. He is a senator, lawyer, a scholar and an authority on Hindu law.

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