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Title : Mahayogi: Life sadhana and teachings of Sri Aurobindo
Author : H.R.Diwakar
Pages : 292
Price : ₹100

About the book:

The book has been appreciated and read by thousands of people and hence eight editions are already in circulation. The book is devoted to facts of Sri Aurobindo's life and his development into a spiritual leader. His sadhana, siddhi and teachings have been discussed later. Besides Sri Aurobindo, details on Mother, Sri Aurobindo ashram at Pondicherry, Auroville project have also been given. The book is an outline on his life, his gospel and his discourses.
A brief history of the times when Sri Aurobindo was born and brought up are discussed to make the reader aware of what was happening in the Indian society at that time. The political background, the moral and social issues which came up during this period are also discussed. Mira, a French lady was so very impressed by Hindu culture and traditions and philosophy that she chose Sri Aurobindo as her guru and lived in Pondicherry. She was known as the Mother.

About The Author: H.R.Diwakar :
The author was a patriot, philosopher and scholar. He also held the post of Governor of Bihar, Minister for Information and Broadcasting and other various important posts.