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Title : Insights into the Law of Karma
Author : BH. V. Nageswar Rao
Pages : 21
Price : Rs 30
ISBN : 81-7276-172-4

About the book:

"Insights into the Law of Karma" traces the cause of the miseries of human life like birth, old age, disease and death to the operation of the "Law of Karma" and expounds that the way to the realisation of eternal bliss lies in freeing onself from its clutches.
This book contains seven chapters.

1. Religion-the raison d'etre

2. God-Ominpresent and Infinite

3. Realising the presence of God

4. Creation

5. The Law of Karma

6. Insights into the Law of Karma

7. Karma Yoga

About The Author : BH. V. Nageswar Rao :
BH. V. Nageswar Rao was born on the 22nd June, 1966 and graduated from Rayagada College, Orissa in 1986 with First Class Honours in Economics and Distinction. He has been with the L.I.C. of India for the last 13 years and is, at present, at the Rayagada Branch as Head of Department (SSS). He has published numerous articles, chiefly poems, short stories and essays on philosophy and region, in various dailies and periodicals. Many of his articles have been translated into Telugu and Oriya languages as well.