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Title : The Dawn of Creation
Author : Sudha Subramaniam
Pages : 152
Price : Rs 150
ISBN : 81-7276-370-0

About the book:

The Dawn of Creation, unfolds a path to nature’s beauty, man's versatility and a writer's trajectory. While perusing the poems it is seen that poet is very sensitive and loves nature of villages.
The Dawn of Creation hold a silent message for future generations and will remain as an eternal moment to creativity and path finder for generations to come. The Dawn of Creation is a unique collection of expression, of the unfathomable depth in man. It draws us into the vortex of creation, to perceive the spark that kindles the fire.

About The Author : Sudha Subramaniam :
Sudha Subramaniam was born on 12th June 1966 in Kottayam in Kerala (God's Own Land). Poignantly recalling the tall coconut trees arching skywards, the abundantly flowing rivers and the charm of rowing along in one's own boat, she says marvellous Kerala will forever captivate her heart and entice her to unfold in verse; to capture in prose; immemorable moments of touching times, raphsodical revelry in bountiful beauty, the tendency in man for artistic abandon. The poetess grew up and was educated in Mumbai city. A B.Com graduate and C.A. Inter, she went on to do her Diploma in Tax Management and Software Management. Her passion for writing surfaced right from younger days and permeated her life, till circumstances enabled her to emphasise on her first love, writing.