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Title : A Glimpse on Vedic Concepts
Author : E. T. Sankarankutty
Pages : 172
Price : Rs 120
ISBN : 81-7276-387-5

About the book:

Everyone, everywhere desires to be happy in life, always and throughout the life. Without exception, all are desirous of reaching the abode of God at the end of their lives. A knowledge about what you are, who you are, what Brahaman is, your relationship with 'Him', the spiritual path you may opt to tread to reach 'Him', etc., elucidated in our Vedic scriptures, have been meaningfully propounded with well reasoned conclusions using specific Sanskrit words to convey certain concepts clearly.
In this book, A Glimpse on Vedic Concepts an effort is made to deal with as many Vedic concepts like Brahman, Sat Chit Ananda, Om Tat Sat, Atma, Prana, Sarira, Anthakarana, Avastha, Kosha, Sakthi, Karma, Guna, Dharma, Maya, Bhakthi, Moksha, Japa, Yoga, Yajna, Rruna, Mahavratas, Prayaschitta, Vairagya, Tyaga, Atmanivedana, etc., more than 60 in all, and presented pronouncements from Vedas, Upanishads, Ithihasa, Puranas, etc. to back them up. This concept has been presented in a lucid fashion with crisp quotations for a better grasp of the scriptures.

About The Author : E. T. Sankarankutty :
After graduation in commerce from the University of Madras, Shri E. T. Sankaran Kutty (born 1937), joined Indian Overseas Bank, Chennai as an officer and retired as Assistant General Manager in 1997 after more than three decades of tireless service. To fulfil his spiritual quest and thirst, he started writing after his retirement.

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