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Title : The Ramayana: The Epic, as a play in English in Four Acts
Author : Gopal Sharman
Pages : 155
Price : Rs 175
ISBN : 978-81-7276-550-7

About the book:

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Shri Gopal Sharman's writing is one of the most authentic features of this performance. Its, measured, stately cadences could have been nourished on the finest verse drama from Shakespeare to McLeish.
Sharman's use of the English is always superbly sensuous. One used to say "The Ramayana" and one thought: Valmiki, Kamban, Tulsi. Now we have to add Gopal Sharman's epic play in English to that list... A superbly projected with crisp and clear dictions. It conveys the sweeps of the celebrated epic.

About The Author : Gopal Sharman :
Shri Gopal Sharman believes in living and working to the hilt. he has written 10 more plays after The Ramayana - plus built a theatre, handcrafted all its interiors, including its elegant teak and rosewood furniture, turned out hundreds of graphics and printing originals, sculpted all the stone work that adorns his theatre, created the Akshara Music Ensemble - with which he makes music that critics rate among the finest in India. As if that were not enough, he has also made dozens of television films that have won worldwide acclaim.