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Title : Decent of Divinity & Ascent of Man
Author : S.T.V. Raghavan
Pages : 76
Price : Rs 75
ISBN : 81-7276-371-9

About the book:

This book is centered around the theme that God reaches out to man in many ways and likewise, there are many paths open to man to reach God.
Man has a obligation to make this effort in order to realize his true potential. The topics dealt with have been rearranged topic wise into one cohesive whole and present abstruse philosophy in a simple, readable and interesting style. We are sure that this very absorbing book will help the student world to acquaint themselves with a vital area of our ancient traditions, learning and beliefs.

About The Author : S.T.V. Raghavan :
S.T.V. Raghavan is a retired officer of ICAS closely involved with the activities of Delhi Kendra of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

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