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Title : Knowledge and Wisdom
Author : Prof. Harish C. Gaur
Pages : 387
Price : Rs 400
ISBN : 81-7276-367-0

About the book:

Knowledge and wisdom are the two anchor words which are the essence of spiritual philosophy presented in this book. In scriptures two levels of knowledge are recognized. The lower knowledge (apara vidya) of virtue and vice, means and end, and the higher knowledge (para Vidya, also called Brahma Vidya) which leads to wisdom by which alone the supreme Self (Brahma) can be realized. Both are needed. One proceeds from lower to higher knowledge.
The two aspects are integrated by Professor Gaur in this book. The first part presents various aspects of knowledge and concludes with a detailed description of five gods. The second part leads the reader to the way of wisdom which alone enables realization and knowledge of Brahman. The book teaches India's priceless heritage to the common man.

About The Author : Prof. Harish C. Gaur :
A widely travelled Professor,he studied various scriptures after retirment.He has been writing for Kalyana Kapataru and Hindustan Times as well as The Pioneer. He presented papers at the World Congress for Synthesis of Science and religion.

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