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Title : The Mystery of Karma
Author : V K Saraf
Pages : 440
Price : Rs 310
ISBN : 978-81-7276-401-2

About the book:

The Law of Karma is often looked upon as a straightforward system emanating from the principle of cause and effect that endlessly metes out rewards and punishments for good acts and bad.
The book vividly brings out that while every motivated action must have its proportionate recompense of the like nature it is not a simple eye for an eye dispensation. This is because an action begets movement of energy on not just the physical plane but the vital, mental and spiritual planes as well where the Law of Karma gets modified to suit the nature of each plane and each individual. Its composite return therefore is not easily fathomable. It persuasively argues that the whole purpose of the Law of Karma is to assist and facilitate the embodied soul in its spiritual ascent where eventually Karma itself loses significance.

About The Author : V K Saraf :
Author of several books, V K Saraf had a distinguished career covering several important assignments. He retired as the Director General of Police, Maharashtra state.

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