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Title : Ancient Indian Dynasties
Author : V. S. Misra
Pages : 413
Price : ₹350
ISBN : 81-7276-413-8

About the book:

The usual title of this book does not give even a hint to the unusual contents of this scholarly work on ancient Indian history. The word dynasty has been used by historians in Indian context to refer to the Mauryas, Guptas, Chalukyas, Palas, etc., but the present work deals with such dynasties of which most students of history are not familiar.
The book contains twenty eight chapters. After a brief introduction, a detailed analysis is made of the sources. In the successive chapters the history of Manu Vaivasvata, Pramshavas and Turvasas, Ila, Puru, Bharata, Kuru, Bharatas and Purus, Bharatas of North and South Panchala, Kashi, Jahnavas, Kurus of Magadha, Anavas, Anga and Purus, Haihayas, Yadus, Madhu and Satvant, Sattavatas, Yadus and Kurus of Chedi, Druhyus, Turvasas, Aikshavakus, Arenas and post-war dynasties are examined.
Ultimately this work fills up a gap in our knowledge of ancient Indian history, which has been eluding the historians for sometime. Welcome light has been shed on the so-called 'dark age' by the author. More importantly he has shown that the legends in our Puranas cannot and should not be dismissed as fiction as has been done by some of the historians of the past. On the contrary they contain historical facts recognising which is a challenge to historians. Thus the Puranas should be treated as repositories of oral history.
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai deserves all praise for this scholarly work.

About The Author: V. S. Misra :
V. S. Misra was born in May 1925 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. After completing secondary education in Kanpur, he joined University of Allahabad and passed M.Sc. with specialisation in Nuclear Physics in 1946. He appeared in the Combined Civil Services Examination in 1947 and entered service in 1948. During his official career he has served in different capacities in the Ministry of Railways, Planning Commission, Ministry of Steel Mines, and Heavy Engineering and Ministry of Commerce besides being on deputation to Economic Community, Brussels. After retirement from service, he has worked as Senior Consultant to Indian Council of Research in International Economic Relations and Executive Secretary, Board of Control of Cricket in India. His interest in Ancient Indian History dates back to 1946 when he was preparing for the Civil Services Examination.