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Title : Thirukkural - Universal Tamil Scripture
Author : Pulavar R. Vishwanathan
Pages : 500
Price : ₹350
ISBN : 978-81-7276-448-7

About the book:

The book is a lucid prose translation of Tirukkural mostly on the lines of the commentary of Parimelazagar.
This English translation of Kural by Pulavar Viswanathan is the outcome of his passion for the language, literature and the universal ideas found in Kural.His dedication, sincerity and labor are evident in his adherence and his care to details. His diligent effort to bring out the seminal ideas found in each Kural is admirable.

About The Author: Pulavar R. Vishwanathan :
"Pulavar" R. Vishwanathan born in 1931, still considers himself as a student of Tamil literature. Though he graduated in Commerce, his fanatic love for Tamil literature neither faded nor diminshed. After retirement from government services, he has helped many Ph.D. students for their thesis. "Pulavar" has also participated in Second World Tamil Conference in Chennai in 1968 and Fifth World Tamil Conference in Madurai in 1980.