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Title : Srividyasara-Prasnottara-Malika
Author : Dr. Goda Venkateswara Sastri
Pages : 140
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ISBN : 978-81-7276-488-3

About the book:

The book is an attempt to answer a lot of questions pertaining to various relevant religious matters in a simple way.
The world of Upasakas of Sri Vidya, worship of the Divine Mother has an immense need of correct means of the worship. The original texts, namely, Vedas, Tantras and mannuals are in Sanskrit and are couched in allegorical and secret ways. Many sadhakas sincerely want to follow the path but do not able to explain the meaning of various rituals due to lack of knowledge of the original texts. In this book, the what, how, why, when, where of various religious practices such as Japa, Pooja, Tarpana, Homa etc. alongwith a host of various relevant religious matters as enunciated in the form of questions and answers in simple way.

About The Author: Dr. Goda Venkateswara Sastri :
Dr. Goda Venkateswara Sastri was an officer with the Reserve Bank of India for 30 years before taking voluntary retirement for the purpose of teaching and research in Tarka, Mimasa, Vedanta and other systems in Sanskrit.