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Title : Sree Krishnam Bhaja Maanasa
Author : Parvathi Sankaran and G.Sankaran
Pages : 490
Price : ₹300
ISBN : 978-81-7276-487-6

About the book:

The book contains Kritis of master composers which impart knowledge on the Self and the Universal Spirit.
The book which is a collection of Kritis will be really valuable to all musicians, music-lovers and music-students who can know the meanings of the Kritis word-by-word, or phrase-wise or their gist.

About The Author: Parvathi Sankaran and G.Sankaran :
Sri Sankaran and his (late) wife Smt. Parvathi were a highly educated couple, well-versed in Tamil, Malayalam, Sanskrit and English languages. Smt. Parvathi was deeply interested in religious and spiritual studies and music. She, along with her husband, was part of four member team that created an English version of a very scholarly Malayalam commentary on Srimad Narayaneeyam.