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Title : My Pursuit of Music
Author : Govindrao Tembe
Pages : 150
Price : Rs 200
ISBN : 978-81-7276-508-8

About the book:

The book is a translation of Tembe's memoirs in Marathi 'Maazha Sangeet Vyaasang'. It gives an account of his quest to learn music which began in his school days in Kolhapur and blossomed well mainly in Mumbai.
Govindrao Tembe was obesessed with the harmonium at a time when many music stalwarts scoffed at its limitations within the fold of Indian classical music. But Tembe went ahead, learnt Hindustani classical music from Bhaskarbua Bakhle, listened to great masters of the harmonium of his time, and used every opportunity to promote the instrument. Eventually he was revered as a wizard of the instrument.

About The Author : Govindrao Tembe :
Govindrao Tembe (1881-1955), born in Kolhapur District, Maharashtra, began as a self-taught harmonium player and became one of its foremost exponents in western India. Tembe wrote plays, operas, songs, many articles on music-related topics, and a few books, including Kalpana Sangeet which discusses his concept of some Hindustani raags of his choice.