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Title : Great Immortals
Author : T.R.Viswanathan
Pages : 346
Price : ₹400
ISBN : 978-81-7276-512-5

About the book:

The book is a sequel to the author's earlier book 'Vedic Philosophy and Religion'. This volume contains the life story of personalities who were themselves divine, and were born with a mission in life, which they successfully completed.
The author has tried to make a beautiful garland of the life of the Immortals. Some of them belong to religions other than Hinduism, but have contributed to the culture and civilization of the sub-continent. The spiritual history has been woven through the chronology of persons and events and presented in a graphic manner.

About The Author: T.R.Viswanathan :
Born in Palakkad, Kerala and educated in Chennai, T.R. Viswanathan joined the Government of India Secretariat, New Delhi in 1947 and served in various ministries, beginning with the Ministry of External Affairs and retiring from the Ministry of Steel and Mines in June 1983 as Deputy Secretary and Chief Vigilance Officer. He was initiated into Sri Vidya Upasana by his Guru, Swami Vimarsanandanatha Saraswati, a few days before his retirement from government service, changing his post retirement life into one of spiritual pursuits. He was graced with the gift for writing which he exclusively devoted to spiritual literature.

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