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Title : Hindu Sastras and Samskaras
Author : V. A. K. Ayer
Pages : 63
Price : Rs 30

About the book:

This book will serve to satisfy all those who want to learn the fundamentals about our Hindu Scriptures.
In this book, the author has given in a succint and useful form the highly desirable information about Hindu scriptural authorities and the Samskaras.

About The Author : V. A. K. Ayer :
He joined the Bhavan in 1952 as the Associate Editor of Bhavan's Journal and went to Bangalore in 1968 as the Director of Bhavan's Bangalore Kendra. He is an author, a journalist and a scholar. He started as the editor of a Music Journal and was also a school teacher. His published work consists of books on astrology and palmistry besides stories of Vikramaditya and Hindu Shastra.